Tahoe 100k



There will only be 175 spots available in the race this year, register early for guaranteed entry. 


2022 Race Registration opens Jan 1 at 9am PT on ultrasignup.

About the Route: The Tahoe 100k is a point to point exploration of the Tahoe Rim Trail and the Tahoe Basin. The route will take you on a magical journey from the East side of Lake Tahoe along the Rim Trail, through the mountains with views of Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada Mountains on an almost entirely single track course. 

Trail Conditions: Single track, often smooth/dry soil with lots of granite/rock. 

Registration: Opens Jan 1 at 9am PT on ultrasignup. No day of race registration for the 100k. We will offer day of race registration for the 25k if there are spots available. Register here for the 100k and 25k

Race Format: Point to Point. This format allows for maximum adventure since participants will be traversing all new terrain with no repetitions other than brief out and backs to a couple of aid stations. Participants will need to take a bus from the finish area to the race start – or alternately if they have crew they can have their crew drive them to the start. This way runner’s vehicles will be at the finish line. 

Location: Finish line/Catch the Bus/Parking and Post Race Festivities will be at Sierra at Tahoe Resort in Twin Bridges, CA. Address: 1111 Sierra at Tahoe Rd, Twin Bridges, CA 95735

Start Location: Spooner Summit Trailhead, South Lake Tahoe

Date & Time: Saturday, September 11 at 6:30am at Spooner Summit. Buses will leave Sierra at Tahoe Resort at 5am for the start line. 

Price: $185 from 1/1- 4/30/20.  5/1 until 6/30: $225. 7/1 until registration closes: $250

Race Check In, You have two options:

  1. You may check in at Sierra at Tahoe Resort from 4am until 4:45am (for those catching the bus) or
  2. You may check in from 5:30-6:20 at the race start location, Spooner Summit Trailhead. Keep in mind that there is NO PARKING allowed at the trailhead at Spooner Summit, drop offs ONLY and crew must park on Highway 50. No vehicles are allowed to be left at Spooner Trailhead during the race. We will take finishline drop bags from Spooner Summit to the finish for you. 

Bus to Start: Buses begin boarding at 4:30am and leave at 5am sharp.

Dropping off Drop Bags: You may leave drop bags at the start (spooner summit) or at Sierra at Tahoe (where you catch the bus for the start). 

Race Cut Off: 18 hours. Cut off will be at 12:30am Sunday, Sept 13 at the finish. Cut offs are strict and must be enforced for the safety of the runners and to respect the volunteers’ time. The individual cut offs for aid stations as follows:

  • mi 20.4 Heavenly Resort: 6 hours, 12:30pm

  • mi 35.4 Armstrong Pass: 10.25hrs, 4:45pm

  • mi 45.4 Big Meadow: 13.25hrs, 7:45pm

  • mi 53 Housewife Hill: 16hrs, 10:30pm

Elevation Gain/Loss: 10,564ft / 3,220meters of ascent. 10,398ft / 3,169meters descent.

Mandatory Gear: All participants must carry 

  • headlamp and spare batteries
  • jacket
  • gloves
  • hat or buff
  • emergency bivy or emergency blanket

In addition we recommend carrying light pants, 2 lights, SPOT or emergency beacon, as well as insulating layer for added warmth under jacket.

Race organization reserves the right to add mandatory gear depending on the weather forecast as we get closer to the event.

The Sierra Nevada mountains can be hit with unexpected intense rain, snow and wind storms, be prepared! We have even had snow and hail storms during the event. 

Aid Stations & Drop Bags:

Drop Bag must not be bigger than 18″ x 12″ x 12″

mi 0 Spooner Summit, you may have a small drop bag transported from the start to the finish.

mi 12 Genoa Peak, No drop bags

mi 20.4 Heavenly Resort, Drop bag allowed

mi 35.4 Armstrong Pass, No drop bags 

mi 45.4 Big Meadow, No drop bags

mi 53 Housewife Hill, No Drop Bags

60.6 Finish, Sierra at Tahoe Resort, Drop Bag allowed

What is at the aid stations? We will have your standard ultra running fare including Spring Energy gels,  fruit, candy, sandwiches, wraps, vegetarian and vegan options. Later aid stations (from 5pm onward) will have soup and other hot food. Tailwind will be our drink of choice, we will also have soda, water, and other drinks. Aid stations will have basic medical, first aid kits, electrolyte caps, and anti chafe product.

Crew/Pacing Information: 

We will not be able to allow any pacing for the 100k. For crewing, the following aid stations will allow crewing. Keep in mind if the aid station doesn’t allow crewing YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE YOUR CREW MEET YOU THERE. Your crew may not meet you between any of the crew access points. 

mi 12 Genoa Peak: NO CREW

mi 20.4 Heavenly Resort: Crew allowed. Access via paved roads. 

mi 35.4 Armstrong Pass: NO CREW

mi 45.4 Big Meadow: NO CREW 

mi 53 Housewife Hill: Crew allowed. Access via paved roads

60.6 Finish, Sierra at Tahoe Resort: Crew allowed. Access via paved roads

**If crew show up at “no crew” aid stations their runner will be disqualified. 

**EXCEPTION: Crew may go to a no crew station to pick up their runner if the runner drops out of the race or misses a race cut off. Please notify the race organization at the aid station if you drop from the event, don’t just leave without telling anyone!

Directions to Crew Access Aid Stations:


Spooner Summit


39.1036, -119.8952     Directions to start
No parking at trailhead, please park on Highway 50 before the aid station/trailhead. Aid is at the trailhead on the right hand side in one of the picnic areas.
Heavenly 38.9610, -119.8860 29 mins 17.3 miles LINK
Aid station is at the Stagecoach Lodge at Heavenly resort. Please respect quiet hours between 9pm-8am.
Housewife Hill 38.7959, -120.0180 38 mins 18.9 miles LINK
Follow dirt road back to Hwy 89 and turn right. From here follow directions in LINK
Sierra at Tahoe 38.8001, -120.0806 22 mins 13.3 miles LINK
Plenty of parking at Sierra at Tahoe Ski Resort. Aid station inside the resort.

Single Track/Paved/Dirt Rd:

Single track, 96%: 58.2 miles of single track

Paved Road, 2.6%: 1.6 miles

4×4 dirt roads, 1.4%: 0.8 miles

Participant Rules:

In addition to any previously mentioned rules, please follow these rules or you may be disqualified:

  • All runners must carry a working headlamp from the start. We also recommend having spare batteries and a backup headlamp. 
  • Please follow Leave No Trace Principles. No trash may be left anywhere other than a garbage can/bag, even at aid stations. 
  • You may not just poo anywhere. We ask that you abide by “leave no trace” by digging a 6” hole (No toilet paper or wipes can be left behind) or use our portable toilets and lugaloos or the campground toilets. In other cases please haul your poo out (and toilet paper). If you dig a hole, bury human waste at least 6” deep, 200’ from water sources, and 50’ from any trail. 
  • You must carry all your own gear. No one may carry your gear for you. 
  • No pacers in the Tahoe 100k or 25k
  • You must check in at each aid station. If you’re times are missing at an aid station it could be grounds for disqualification.
  • Runners must follow the assigned course, no cutting the course in any way.
  • Runners must finish in the allotted time or they will be considered a DNF. This includes making all aid station cut off times.
  • Runners are required to carry additional calories and water with them between aid stations for their own safety.
  • No intravenous fluids (IVs) during the event. If IV fluids are needed or administered runner will be disqualified.
  • If a runner requires Search and Rescue assistance or IVs during the event they are automatically disqualified
  • No performance enhancing drugs
  • All participants must complete the course on foot, no motorized vehicles, bikes, or other motorized or non motorized aid
  • Participants are responsible for making sure their crew understand all the rules. Crew may only meet their runner at the noted “crew stations”
  • All runners must be polite and kind to the race staff and volunteers. Rude or whiney runners may be disqualified. We are sharing the trails with other users including hikers and mountain bikers. Treat everyone with respect. 
  • If, for any reason, you leave the course, you must start back where you left off within the cut off times noted here. Participants who leave the course must inform an aid station captain. Leaving the course in a vehicle will result in a “Did Not Finish”.

Map of the Course: 100k

You can also see the map here

Elevation Profile

Race Policies: 

  • Exceptions to the race policies cannot be made for any reason. Please do not ask for one.
  • No refunds regardless of your situation, injury status or if there is a waitlist. (we do not have a waitlist) Do not register if you do not agree to this policy. Transfer information can be found here on our policy page
  • All participants are required to carry extra calories, water, clothing, headlamp(s) and other safety gear in order to self rescue or help other participants in the case of emergency.
  • Participants must agree to policy that the race could be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. The Tahoe 100k/25k reserves the right to cancel the run based on: (1) Extreme snow pack. (2) Extreme weather during the event. (3) Extreme fire danger. (4) Other extreme conditions. (5) For any other reason that the race director sees fit. (6) Lack of Permits. In the event that the race is cancelled, I understand that I will not receive a refund, however the race management will do their best to offer race transfer/new date or other option.