Course Description

The Tahoe 200 is a scenic trail loop course that goes around Lake Tahoe in California and Nevada.  The races mostly uses the Tahoe Rim Trail, but deviates around Mt. Rose Wilderness, Granite Chief Wilderness and to the West of Desolation Wilderness, taking runners on a 205 mile tour of the lake and surrounding areas.  Runners will experience the highs and lows of the terrain and their own consciousness on this epic journey.  The course traverses some of the most stunning trails in the United States, with plentiful alpine lakes, high altitude forests, rock strewn landscapes, and other worldly sights.  The area is home to a diverse wildlife population including black bears,  mountain lions, martens, bobcats, mule deer, marmot, porcupines, raccoons, and many types of squirrels, birds, fish, and other animals. 

Single track: 176.5 miles
Paved Road: 8 miles
4×4 dirt roads: 21 miles

Please read the Runner Manual for all info on the race.