Trail Work Requirements

We believe in giving back to the trails in the form of trail work.

Please note that due to COVID-19 trail work requirements are waived for all participants. We highly recommend you find some time to give back to the trails in the form of donations or trail work regardless of this waiver.

Where to donate? We recommend donating to the Tahoe Rim Trail Association, our charity of choice for the extensive work they do to maintain, build and educate on the Tahoe Rim Trail. Each year the Tahoe 200 donates money to the TRTA in the name of the race. Donate here

All entrants in the event are required to complete 8 hours of trail work. We allow some exceptions to the trail work requirement for international entrants or entrants who can show that there are no trail work opportunities near their place of residence. In the case that you are not able to complete your trail work due to above mentioned issues, you will be required to do another type of volunteering, usually volunteering for a race. Please consider carefully before asking for an exception: if you have time to train for a 200, you have time to find trail work and do it. After all, if trail runners don’t help work on the trails we use everyday, who do we expect to do the work?

To get an exception, you must be cleared by the race director. Please email We strongly encourage runners to volunteer with their local trail organization to work on trails. This option is only for special exceptions, please do not ask for one because you “don’t have time”. 

Submitting your trail work:

We do not require you to submit trail work. Trail work is required each year for entrants to run the event however, work is done on the honor system. Thank you for giving back to the trails!

Where do I get my trail work done? What constitutes trail work?

You may use any trail work you have done that is organized by trail work groups, races, or other organizations like mountain biking clubs, state parks, and the forest service. Trail work is any work that is done to maintain the trails: building bridges, creating water bars, building and maintaining trail, clearing brush and trees, etc. Volunteering at a race does not count as trail work. That is volunteering – not trail work. 

In a rare cases where trail work is unavailable or for international entrants with limited trail work opportunities we may waive the requirement and allow for other types of volunteering in its place. If you are an international runner and need a waiver for trail work, please email 

What happens if I don’t do my trail work? 

We require trail work to be done on the honor system.

I’m signed up for both the Bigfoot 200 and the Tahoe 200, do I need to do 8 or 16 hrs of trail work?

You only need to do 8 hours of trail work.