Candice Burt, Race Director/Owner

Candice Burt organizes trail races in some of the most beautiful places in the USA. She is the first race director to create a 200 mile single loop trail running race (and now a the first point to point 200 – the Bigfoot 200). Candice owns & runs Destination Trail, LLC a company that organizes epic trail races in the US with a mission to give back to the trails though trail work and charitable donations. Candice is an athlete, student of yoga, and competitive trail runner in addition to her work with Destination Trail. Candice specializes in racing 100 mile trail runs. In her spare time she likes to make Hawaiian poke, study trail maps, run in the mountains, slack line, and practice power vinyasa yoga, sometimes all at the same time.

You can visit Candice’s personal website here: 

Wild Defined













Kristal Sager, Race Logistics, Assistant Race Director, Volunteer Coordinator

I was born and raised in Washington. I love the mountains whether I am running trails or playing in the snow. I  found my love for running in 2005 when my youngest child was 1. Originally running road half and full marathons, but discovered my love for trail running in 2009 at my first trail race on Orcas Island and never looked back. I have run many, many trail ultras and still to this day my favorite distance is 50 miles. Over the years when I wasn’t racing you could find me volunteering at races to be part of the wonderful running community.
If I am not hard at work with Destination Trail or my own business, you can find me enjoying my three children or on an adventure spent running the trails in the mountains, taking photos and enjoying a good local beer! 









Samantha de le Vega, Start/Finish Coordinator & Live Results

Sam has worked with Destination Trail since Bigfoot 2015. She has now moved into the roll of Director of Permitting, while continuing to manage live results for our three 200-mile endurance runs. Sam is an ultrarunner, mother of three, and corporate Project Manager, Agile Coach, and Business Transformation professional. We look forward to another exciting year of 200’s with Sam’s organizational assistance.   









Todd Nardi, Medical Director

 I am a Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician, a former infantry U.S. Marine, and a father. I continue to study medicine: hold advanced certifications; and continue to learn about myself, as I spend many hours on the trail. Nature & Medicine are my passions. I have been a Medic for many obstacle course races, motocross races, and numerous 50 milers on the Arizona Trail. My proudest moments have been as a member of the Destination Trail team as Medical Lead for the Inaugural Tahoe 200, followed by the Bigfoot 200, and the 120 Miler and 100k. The people I have met, the places I’ve been, and the adventures I’ve had have been amazing. And the journey has just begun……








Riley Smith, Race Organizing Team

I was born and raised in small town in Eastern Oregon.  I got inspired to run by watching my brothers and sisters run when I was. After running in high school i transitioned to triathlons for 4 years before fully finding my true love…. Being out on the trails exploring the mountains surrounding me are really what makes me happy.  I started off with a few road marathons and then on to a few 50ks followed by a 100k. I first met the Destination Trail Crew at the 2016 Bigfoot 200 and I have just never left.. Love being around like minded people who share the passion for the trails and mountains. Do what you LOVE and you will never work a day in your life!